Why choose MEBA?


MEBA is tailored to meet the needs of the future generation of entrepreneurs. Let yourself be guided by your mentors and find your path in the ever-changing and highly competitive world of business.


Your teachers will also be your business angels! Our seminars are conducted by our partners from Sparking Capital – an opportunity for you to get closer to the world of business and get your start-up idea pitched


Get access to top worldwide Universities via our Erasmus partnerships. Immerse yourself in new cultures and meet your potential international partners


Our program gives a foundational entrepreneurial knowledge. The learning environment will challenge you to think unconventionally and generate innovative ideas in business.



MEBA is a transformative journey in which students are always connected to the best opportunities that arise in the job market. In addition, you will be part of a community of people just as passionate and goal-driven as you!

Alumni testimonials

“The studies for entrepreneurship and business administration represent the first steps in my development, the first business knowledge, the first information about the business environment. This program reveals various growth directions, helps you prepare for the future, exposes many international and multicultural opportunities for self-development. The teaching staff is very professional, gave us support, and helped us learn, understand and put into practice what we have learned.”

Grzegorz GRABOWSKI | Class of 2008, General Manager for Maspex Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova

“Studying at MEBA was more than a simple stage of my life. I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, so in a way I was already open to business. At the age of 23 I founded my first business, a fashion atelier/company. The theoretical background and the entrepreneurial experience during university helped me establish a new Romanian fashion brand which currently employs 40 people. For a wonderful experience during and after, I highly recommend you this master program.”

Diana MIREA | Class of 2016, Founder Miss One

“I chose this master program and also this faculty because due to the passion I had, since childhood, for entrepreneurship and self-development. The interesting things I learned during the studies, the fact that I met various important people, helped me start my own business. Not long ago, I quit my job, I raised funds for my business and now I am the proud founder of the largest online student platform studentnews.info, and the initiator of the meditoo.ro project (an online tutoring platform for students). I believe that anything is possible to achieve and we must never give up on our dreams even if there are certain obstacles along the way. It is important to believe in yourself!”

Eduard MORARU | Class of 2020, Founder of studennews.info and meditoo.ro

“MEBA was the best educational experience I ever had. Once I completed my undergraduate studies, I wanted to continue my education in the same field, a field that I loved. The things I learned about entrepreneurship I later put into practice in my own businesses. Being enrolled in this program is more than learning from faculty, it also includes interactions with professionals in the field. I have had many wonderful experiences in summer schools, workshops and different multicultural activities that helped me develop on many levels. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur and create their own path in the business world.”

Bianca STROE | Class of 2019

“During the Bachelor studies, I have learned everything I have to know about a business. Applying for the master studies, I got the possibility to deepen the knowledge previously accumulated and to start and progressively develop more my own business. I appreciate a lot the support of the faculty, the advices from the professors who are also working in the business sector, helping me face the threats of the business life, but especially for the space offered for developing office stuff by this amazing faculty. After all these years, I consider that studying especially entrepreneurship and business administration at MEBA was a great launch pad for my entrepreneurial career, and this can hold true also for each and every one of you!”

Mihai BĂLAȘA | Class of 2021, Founder of BALMIX.ro

Why choose MEBA?

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