Cătălin Valeriu Curmei

Cătălin Valeriu Curmei

Lecturer - FABIZ

PhD in Economics, specialization in Marketing, Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2012); Master in Economics, specialization in Marketing and Business Communication, Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2008); Bachelor in Economics, Faculty of Marketing, Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2006).

Research areas

His main research areas are Customer Relationship Management, Relationship Marketing, Marketing Management, Marketing in SMEs, Services Marketing, Financial Services Marketing, Business-to-Business Marketing, Marketing in Energy Sector.


He authored one specialty book named Marketing Planning in Small and Medium Size Enterprises (2015) and more than 15 scientific papers out of which: “Investors’ rationality. An analysis of the investment policy implications on shares valuation” (2019) “The influence of the strategic financial policies on share valuation in an unstable economic environment” (2018), “Strategic choices in energy sector during the recent financial crisis” (2016), “Using CSR to mitigate information asymmetry in the banking system” (2015), „Relationship Strategy – Marketing Programs within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” (2014) and „Management Practices from Small and Medium Enterprises within the Knowledge-Based Economy” (2011).

Career development

His educational and research activity was developed within the Department of Marketing (2009- 2014), then in the UNESCO Department for Business Administration since 2014. He practiced as Marketing Manager and CEO in B2B commerce companies and SMEs consultancy in marketing and business administration.