Knowledge Management

Capacity development for identification, development and efficient use of organizational intangible resources.

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Constantin Brătianu
Professor - FABIZ
Violeta Dincă
Associate Professor - FABIZ


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Knowledge management is a discipline in which the students are enabled to describe different methods for work with knowledge management, to understand the concept of knowledge and different views of knowledge, to describe different methods and techniques for managing knowledge, to describe different types of knowledge support systems and to comprehend the architecture and development of knowledge systems.

The learning outcomes of the discipline rely on developing a basic understanding of the importance of knowledge as a resource in knowledge based economies, identifying and applying approaches in managing individual, group und organizational level knowledge processes.

The skills and the capacities gained within the courses and seminars include the ability to manage diffuse knowledge in systems, the capacity to define the purpose of a knowledge system, knowledge acquisition, organization of knowledge, implementing a knowledge system, test, document and evaluate the system, and the skill to discuss the consequences for an organization when methods and techniques for knowledge management is implemented.