All Entrepreneurial Environment Course Study Marketing and Communications Finance and Management Strategy and Operations

Quantitative Methods for the Decision Process in Business

The course explains the basic principles in Data Science and the concept of Data Mining in Econometrics.

Scientific Seminar – Business Administration

The purpose of this seminar is to assist students in acquiring a general understanding of research process and to help them develop the perspective of a researcher

Conflict Management and International Negotiation

The objective of this course is to describe and to analyze the behaviour of the individual as a customer and an employee inside an organization

Financial Reporting and Analysis

The debate will focus on the following objectives: earning capabilities of analysing complex financial statements and earning capabilities to generate and manage business scenarios

Strategic Management for Human Resources

To analyze the contemporary issues in Strategic Human Resource Management and train students for the unique challenges faced by HR managers in the current business environment

Knowledge Management

Capacity development for identification, development and efficient use of organizational intangible resources.

Strategic Marketing

Courses, seminars and applied activities follow that the master students should learn the conceptual – methodological and practical basics.

International Business

To analyze the contemporary issues in International Business and train students for the unique challenges faced by managers in the international business environment